The Vicar has a number of musical friends.  At each concert, he usually tries to find people from the village where the concert is to be held.  But there is a core band, listed here in alphabetical order:

David Goodman: David’s keyboard skills are superb – whether this is creating a Phil-Spector-like wall of sound or playing instrumental solos and brass stabs.

Ellen Dunstan: Ellen has sung at almost every concert – either solo or in duets with dad.  She has applied her sweet tones to everything from the groove of Jason Mraz to the soul of Everything But the Girl, from the heartbreak of Daniel Bedingfield to the joy of Taylor Swift.

Keith Newell (deceased): A long-established member of various musical collaborations with Paul and David, Keith used provide acoustic guitar rhythm and backing vocals and would even lead on some numbers.

Paul Goodman: Normally hidden away behind his drum kit, Paul has been providing rhythm for the Vicar’s band since the start. And he can sing too!

Terry Gerrish: Like Keith, Terry’s been playing bass with Paul and David for years at car shows and parties in pubs and clubs.  He makes it look effortless, but just listen to what he plays!

On top of this core band come various guests – other Friends of the Vicar.