Hunsdon 2012

Saturday, 18th Feb saw a performance in the Village Hall by Rev Mark Dunstan and various friends of music from the whole pop era – everything from the sixties through to the noughties, including a few self-penned numbers on the way.  The ‘friends’ came from this general neck of the woods and varied in age from mid-teens through to … well that would be telling, wouldn’t it?  Each showed a huge amount of talent, though – particularly so, dare I pick them out – the four local teenagers on vocals and guitars.  The fact that two of the group were ‘friends of friends’ and had never met Mark or each other before the evening just goes to highlight the extraordinary musical ability out there that most of us can only envy.  A good audience thoroughly appreciated the performances and looked forward to similar planned gigs in Widford and Wareside and – hopefully – further ‘in concert’ events in Hunsdon.